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Conoces el nombre de estos 99 personajes de Disney

Eres capaz adivinar el nombre de estos 99 personajes de Disney


I got "Be Prepared" - Lion King! We Know Your Favorite Disney Villain Song Based On Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song

One of best love story ever

My favorite couple has to be Carl and Ellie from Pixar's Up! They are so sweet…

10 grappige memes

10 grappige memes

"Says you are the love of his life - forgets what you look like and has to put a shoe on every girl in the kingdom" Prince Charming HA! SO much for Prince Charming!

13 Disney Villains Sugar Skull

The Sugar Skull Villains Poster Kickstarter Project is live! 13 Disney villain sugar skulls in one poster. These would make for a cool tat