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Willi is willi by Maxim Schumacher, via It looks like it's doing an evil laugh.

Tabi | Akimasa Harada on Flickr

thefullerview: “Tabi (by rampx) ” :-)

What did you say??

Russian Blue cat weights around lbs or kg.Whereas a female Russian Blue would weigh around lbs or kg.Average lifespan for a Russian Blue is about years.

Can't a cat get a little privacy around here?

Kitty on a ledge

grey maine coon

Adorable Maine Coon Kitty - 25th September 2014

Green eyes, so soft kitty

Cats can make good study buddies.


a not-so-helpful helper ❤️



#TuxedoCats are great cats. Great family pets. * * PLUS WE KIN GET IN ANY OF DEH FINER CLUBS, ALTHO ONLY IN DEH  KITTEH SECTION.....BUT STILL ! "

The Amazing Owl Cat! Look at that face lol

Miaaaaawww .. :D

cat yawn, its nap time!

Kitty Paws

Let me in! I heard the can opener! Cat paw prints on every door!

17 Black And White Cat Photos That Took Our Breath Away

17 Black And White Cat Photos That Took Our Breath Away

"Oh it's you again.  I thought is was some body...."

Hide and seek. Zeus does this all the time!

nyancuro:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/moya_/5557507198/in/photo...

What a smart Kitty!


Cat Friends are the Best Friends :)

Organizationally Impaired

Organizationally Impaired


It's our favorite day of the week again, when we get to show you all our latest and greatest photos of beautiful and adorable felines.