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What if you were invited to your own funeral? - YouTube

The Belgian Road Safety Institute’s “Go For Zero” campaign is working to reduce traffic deaths across the country. In this moving video, six “speed demons” are invited to meet a friend, only to be ushered into a funeral parlour upon their arrival.

¿Cómo me descargo mis datos de Reader?    Google Reader se va a jubilar el 1 de julio del 2013. Si quieres descargarte una copia de todos tus datos de Reader antes de ese día, utiliza Google Takeout. Recibirás todos los datos de tu suscripción en un archivo XML y la siguiente información se descargará en archivos JSON:    lista de las personas a las...

Hitler finds he has met his match in Bristol Mayor, George Ferguson. Despite dodgy context, found this hilarious.

A group of 5,000 people gathered at The Mall Of America on Friday. | 5,000 People Gathered At The Mall Of America To Sing A Song Written By A Teen Who Died Of Cancer

5,000 People Gathered At The Mall Of America To Sing A Song Written By A Teen Who Died Of Cancer

5000 people were at the Mall of America to create the largest 'Clouds' choir to honor Zach Sobiech, who died of cancer in May.

Chronicles the movie. Street Marketing in NYC

Street Marketing sobre los cielos de Manhattan

To promote their new movie Chronicle, Century Fox hired viral marketing agency Thinkmodo, which flew three human shaped RC planes around Manhattan creating the illusion of people flying.

Kayden + Rain. For licensing/usage please contact licensing@jukinmedia.com   Kayden's first time experiencing rain ^__^

Así reacciona una niña que siente por primera vez la lluvia

A little girl experiencing rain for the first time (Kayden + Rain on Vimeo)

Vidéo de mini-hélicoptères robots. Ces petits drones sont capable d'exploit et peuvent se synchroniser pour réussir à effectuer de la musique sur de vrai instruments.

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme - 9 flying robots work together to play the theme to James Bond on various instruments, including a "couch guitar.