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What if you were invited to your own funeral? - YouTube

The Belgian Road Safety Institute’s “Go For Zero” campaign is working to reduce traffic deaths across the country. In this moving video, six “speed demons” are invited to meet a friend, only to be ushered into a funeral parlour upon their arrival.

Vidéo de mini-hélicoptères robots. Ces petits drones sont capable d'exploit et peuvent se synchroniser pour réussir à effectuer de la musique sur de vrai instruments.

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme - 9 flying robots work together to play the theme to James Bond on various instruments, including a "couch guitar.

The 14 Funniest, Most Viral Ads Of 2013 [VIDEO] #ads

The 14 Funniest, Most Viral Ads Of 2013 [VIDEO]

Chewing gum brand Beldent held a social experiment with identical twins. One gets a piece of gum, the other doesn't.

The last meals of executed innocent men. | The Most Powerful Ads Of Amnesty International

A Photographer Captures The Last Meals Of Wrongfully Executed Inmates. Plusa restaurant called the LAST MEAL. Ruben Cantu, executed for murder in presumed innocent in 2005 (then proven innocent in

A guy's simple guide to the birth control pill (because most have no real idea)

A Guy's Guide to The Pill::Ryan Ashton, a NYC-based actor kills it as an actor and a writer in the role of 'Guy Nottadadi'.

The Greatest Story - The Good Guys Christmas - Eng - Unicef Sweden

The Greatest Story - The Good Guys Christmas - Eng - Unicef Sweden - Jesus, Gandhi and Mother Teresa stump for UNICEF


Teste de Rorschach ajuda a determinar preferências por filmes

The Dancing Traffic Light is a concept by the car company Smart that translates human dancing into real-time movements on an unconventional "Don't Walk" light. The project is intended to make waiti...

The Dancing Traffic Light, A 'Don't Walk' Light That Entertains Pedestrians by Putting on a Show

An Interactive Dancing Pedestrian Signal by Smart. makes people more likely to wait for the red light