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Did anyone else organize their crayons in "rainbow order" in their crayon box? remember when the kid with the biggest box of crayons was so cool, so you would convince your mom that you really needed that 192 box of Crayolas for the first day of class.

Look at all the Crayola crayon colors!

Crayola Canvas Art

Use crayola crayons to color and to make wonderful paintings! Just heat the tip with a hair dryer 'till soft and melted and then use on easel as paint! Be aware, it dries very fast so keep the hair dryer near by!

Crayon Christmas wreath. This is one of the most unique and funny looking wreaths. It helps make use of a variety of colors and at the same time saves you from buying any other expensive materials for your wreath because you can now use your old crayons.

30+ Wonderful DIY Christmas Wreaths

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