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he speaks the truth! :)

he speaks the truth! :)

" That's Funny. I Don't Remember Eating A Sexy Beast This Morning.

:-D  I stay fat because it would not be fair to all of the Thin people if i were this Good Looking, Intelligent,Funny AND Thin! ( It's a public Service Really )

Ive been trying to figure out why I keep sabotaging myself when it comes to weight loss.I guess Ive just been thinking this subconciously

could've said this soooo many times before lol DAMNIT!!

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than that.

Even at 5'9" I'm too short!

I think giving baby a sip of beer is funny so lay off me!!!! - Page 21

that's what my BMI chart said last year in health when we looked at our too short but im the perfect weight

Oh but it is attractive

Funny Confession Ecard: All I want is a man who looks like Ryan Reynolds, dances like Channing Tatum, never ages like Edward Cullen and makes me laugh

Home wreaker

If you ever ruin our relationship with a homewrecking whore, I will go Carrie Underwood on your car, Taylor Swift on your stuff and Bobbit on your weenie.- I'm still laughing.


I Really Did Need Them

everytime I go, I get the 1 thing I DID need and a whole wallet full of random stuff.