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Tony Stark

Tony Stark -I'm pretty sure that racing outfit is one of the greatest outfits he has ever worn.

Sexyyyy !

The epic scene in Avengers when Ironman gives it back to Captain America. Tony Stark all the way! A Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist!

Robert Downy Jr. vs Tony Stark

Tony Stark vs Robert Downey Jr It literally just made my day that he as goats and alpacas.

#TonyStarkSaturdays What Tony Stark loves about being Robert Downey Jr. pic.twitter.com/veJiymxtRj

First of all he is using a star wars refference, aaand second, he likes Black Sabbath So yeah, this man is AMAZING

Robert Downey Jr.: Tony Stark trying to be threatening in "Iron Man 3"

I dunno, you guys. I see so many people complaining about Iron Man but I kinda loved it.


Recast as in other people assuming they are worthy to posses the power of the Avengers.~~>THANK YOU RDJ!