KALLAX Prestatge a./portes IKEA

KALLAX Estantería con puertas, blanco

VALJE Veggskap, brun, blåturkis - brun/blåturkis

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IKEA VALJE Wall cabinet Brown/blue-turquoise You can create your own unique solution by freely combining cabinets of different sizes, with or without.

KALLAX Shelving unit IKEA Choose whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally to use it as a shelf or sideboard. When laid horizontally, they can be stacked for more room

HEMNES Cómoda de 2 cajones - tinte blanco, 54x66 cm  - IKEA

HEMNES Cómoda de 2 cajones, tinte blanco

IKEA - BRUSALI, Librería, blanco, , Como la altura de las baldas es regulable, podrás adaptar el espacio a tus necesidades.

BRUSALI Librería, blanco

IKEA - BRUSALI, Bookcase, white , Adjustable shelves, so you can customise your storage as needed.

Drawer unit, KLIMPEN

IKEA - KLIMPEN, Drawer unit, white , Can be placed anywhere in the room because the back is finished.Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far.Slot for a label on each drawer so you can easily keep things organized and find what

HEMNES Stellingkast IKEA Met open planken voor een goed overzicht en een makkelijke bereikbaarheid.

HEMNES Stellingkast, wit

BILLY serie - IKEA

IKEA - BILLY / OXBERG, Bookcase, white, cm , Adjustable shelves can be arranged according to your needs.Adjustable hinges allow you to adjust the door horizontally and vertically.Glass-door cabinet keeps your favorite items free from dust b

BRANÄS Cesta - blanco, 32x35x32 cm - IKEA. Esta es la caja y es de tejido sintetico así que no moriras de la peste :p

BRANÄS Cesta, blanco

IKEA - KALLAX, Estante c/portas, efeito bétula,

KALLAX Estante c/portas, efeito bétula

KALLAX shelving unit with doors, birch effect Width: 77 cm Depth: 39 cm Height: 147 cm

KALLAX Estantería IKEA Se puede colgar en la pared o dejar en el suelo. 20€+20€  77 ancho 39 fondo 42 altura

KALLAX Estantería, blanco