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Stephen Hawking: La tecnología aumenta la desigualdad http://cnn.it/1LsOTbq

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Elon Musk claims robots could kill us all in FIVE YEARS in his latest internet post… then deletes it shortly after [Artificial Intelligence News: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/artificial-intelligence/ Artificial Intelligence Books: http://futuristicshop.com/category/artificial-intelligence-books/ Future Robots: http://futuristicnews.com/category/future-robots/ Robotics Books: http://futuristicshop.com/category/robotics-books/]

Elon Musk says artificial intelligence could kill us all in FIVE years

Physicists confirm the precision of magnetic fields in the most advanced stellarator in the world | axing questions | Scoop.it

Physicists confirm the precision of magnetic fields in the most advanced stellarator in the world

Physicists Test a Strange Nuclear Sphere That Could Revolutionise Fusion Energy

[WATCH] It Takes 2 Just Minutes for a Rear Admiral to Destroy Obama's Bible Plan -- President Obama has a plan to try to keep Christians in the military from getting Bibles from fellow soldiers. Muslims call it proselytizing. It only takes a Rear Admiral 2 minutes to destroy Obama’s plan. While this Rear Admiral may have just placed himself on the next purge list, he's coming forward with information that Proves Individuals In The Military Are Being Told Not To Share Their Faith. [...] 09/11

Obama Officials Ordering Soldiers To Throw Away Their Bibles, Admiral Has Different Plan [VIDEO] - American News

Did you know that Tesla is planning on creating an all-electric semi-truck? Read the full article here and tell us what you think: https://electrek.co/2017/09/06/tesla-semi-all-electric-truck-biggest-catalys/ #CastaicTruckStop Get your parking money back if you fuel 50 gallons within 24 hours. http://www.castaictruckstop.com  Exit: 176A & 176b.  I 5 31611 Castaic Rd. Castaic, CA 91384 (661) 295-1374

Tesla's Upcoming Electric Semi Trucks Will Reportedly Have a Range of Miles

Researchers Have Found a Way to Convert CO2 Into a Usable Fuel https://futurism.com/researchers-have-found-a-way-to-convert-co2-into-a-usable-fuel/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=Futurism&utm_content=Researchers%20Have%20Found%20a%20Way%20to%20Convert%20CO2%20Into%20a%20Usable%20Fuel

Researchers Have Found a Way to Convert Into a Usable Fuel

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Why does she "need" a defense rifle? Because the Constitution protects her freedom to do so. That's all the justification she needs, and all the explanation you are entitled to.

Short Films 101: How to Make a Short Film and Launch Your Filmmaking Career

Where does a young filmmaker begin? With the right short-film concept and this…

New 'All-in-One' System Combines Solar, Wind, and Diesel Power http://futurism.com/new-off-grid-system-combines-solar-wind-power/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=Futurism&utm_content=New%20%27All-in-One%27%20System%20Combines%20Solar%2C%20Wind%2C%20and%20Diesel%20Power

New 'All-in-One' System Combines Solar, Wind, and Diesel Power

Lateral Character Movement in Film