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dragonniers - Yemen

Les dragonniers - Yémen

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The Dragon's Blood Tree lives only on the island of Socotra, Yemen in a prehistoric forest on granite mts. The island’s 20-m/y separation from mainland Arabia led to unique flora – 37% of its plant species are found nowhere else. The tree depends on monsoons for moisture, but Socotra is drying out. Its monsoons are now patchy & irregular due to climate change. Unless this can be mitigated, the future of this ancient tree and countless other species is doubtful.

If I were in charge of promoting tourism in Yemen, I'd be using the native dragon tree, or Socotra tree, as my mascot. Native to the Socotra Island these

Dragonsblood Tree - Socotra

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Socotra Island, southeast coast of Yemen

Dragonsblood Tree

The Socota Dragon tree or Dragon's-blood tree, Socotra Island in Yemen

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The Qalansiyah Beach, YEMEN.

Photo of Paradise Island . They deserve the title of the island of Socotra

https://flic.kr/p/4u4uB2 | Socotra Dragon Trees (Dracaena cinnabari), Diksam Plateau | The heart of the island of Socotra is formed by an impressive range of jagged mountains. On the shadow of the mountains, the windswept Diksam plateau is gouged by impressive canyons. The surreal landscape is characterized by the presence of endemic plants, such as the Socotra Dragon Tree.

The landscape of the remote island of Socotra looks so foreign that it could almost pass as an alien planet.

L'île de Socotra en mer d'Arabie : Les lieux les plus isolés du monde - Linternaute

L'île de Socotra en mer d'Arabie : Les lieux les plus isolés du monde - Linternaute

Dragon's blood trees

Unusual Trees, Plants and Fruits

Dragon's blood trees

Dragon's Blood trees on Socotra islands, Yemen, 'bleed' red sap

Dragon’s blood trees on Dixam Plateau, Socotra Island, Yemen by anthony pappone photographer

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Dragonnier of Socotra

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58번째 이미지

Dracena drago di Socotra: una delle piante più caratteristiche dell’isola di Socotra. È un albero con la chioma a forma di ombrello rivoltato da cui si estraeva il “sangue di drago”, ovvero una resina rossa utilizzata in medicina nell’antichità e come incenso o colorante. (foto di Rod Waddington)

Socotra Island Facts - In an isolated island where outside contacts are not available, no TV, less in commercial establishment only inhabited by few people.