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That will be me when I get old, at least I'll pretend

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Anyone with a cat or anyone that's had a cat in the past knows.... This is 100% accurate.

That is pretty much exactly what kittens do all the time. You're all like "aww that's so cute and cats tongue's feel so weird!" then the kitten is all like *bite* and you're like "OUCH!

"The 3/4" every night in a single bed!

Sleeping with Cats: Squeaker is the pillow take over, Burrito is the spoon and NuBryan is the butt warmer!

Cats don't care...

Haha, so true! Cats Love It! : ) cats A whole new cat… haha so true about cats :)

The Cat Ladies: Cartoons

From Cat VS Human. [well, cats try to look cuter when asking for attention]