Well, you all survived yet another string of INTJ memes. I hope ...

How to handle an INTJ Expect debate. INTJs enjoy tearing things apart to understand them and to prove (or disprove) their worthiness.

The basics of the INTJ personality, one of sixteen types according to MBTI - http://www.enchantology.com/2013/02/intj-writers.html#more

The basics of the INTJ personality, one of sixteen types according to MBTI…

INTJ - this is my life....

We just don't know how to tell them. INTJ - hahahahaha (added by an INFJ)

No NFPs have ever been president. Hahaha yeah we know better than to want that job. We don't want the stress or power.

{ MBTI } presidents and their types.I'm like for each category, but defaulted as infp/enfp. Being president would be my worst nightmare.not at all surprised there are no infp or enfp presidents.

but sometimes, it all comes out.

what i think what i say I wanted to write out some things about being an introvert, something I've been thinking about lately. I am a little amused by my own, different reactions to the most recent four weekends.

The Sixteen Types ~ Spot on ~ GMPB

INTJs have no patience with inefficiency and confusion. This is probably the most important INTJ quote I have ever read.

Control gives us optimism. But I have had to start learning how to be okay with not being in control of the outcome #progress

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INTJ   This is perfect.

INTJ This is perfect. I simply choose not to invest in all the people I meet.