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Taizé - Laudate Omnes Gentes - Complete album of simple and lovely worship songs in Latin and various European languages

Purple Purple Purple

Giraffes - It wasn't just a matter of an animal wanting to get leaves from the top of the tree. The giraffe is a different animal/ species entirely.

Sun pillars, or light pillars, are shafts of light extending from the sun or other bright light source. They’re caused by ice crystals drifting in Earth’s air.

LightPillars-A light pillar is a visual phenomenon created by the reflection of light from ice crystals with near horizontal parallel planar surfaces

Journey To Make It Better by Eric Rolph

“In the deep blue of the night shine the millions of stars and my spirit burning bright, spinning on into the sun. Flying higher, now my journey's begun.” ~ ‘Across the Universe of Time’