Ritual para las mañanas: Saludo al Sol

Yoga and meditation can help women achieve a regular menstrual cycle naturally. Yoga improves immune system, heals stress, and has naturally balancing

I can't swim but would still like to as long as there is someone waiting to catch me at the bottom :)

Before I die Bucket list Bucket-list Jump off a waterfall

Attend a cooking class

Bucket list: attend a cooking class. I know it seems kind of silly to have a cooking class on my bucket list, but it's jus one of those things I have yet to experience.

Check...I've been very fortunate to "ride in style" on a couple of occasions thanks to my jobs! {Moore Family}

I haven't even been in a plane. hopefully i'll get to ride first class on my first plane ride!

I want to do most of these. I don't really care about the red carpet or living near a beach, though. :) The beach is a plus if it happens!

Own a nice camera- check! See a shooting star- Check! Live near the beach- check!

When I was younger I was so determined then through the years the idea terrified me but now I'm like besides limbs what do I got to lose lol I'm in.

Not just learn to surf but also get in the wave like they do in All the movies aha


"have a job that travels" ~Admittedly, I prefer my job @ home as a Mommy, but this one is fun too & there are things I look forward to.

Seen 30stm, the midnight beast, P!ATD, twin atlantic and youmeatsix so far!:)))

On my bucket list - Go to all my favorite bands’ concerts!


eat belgian waffles in belgium! i don't like waffles, but i do like europe.

Done :) December 2010.

Bucket List: visit Amsterdam Check= Summer 2011 - but I still want to go back!

This is actually a requirement for a Boy Scout merit badge, although, you have to swim I think 100 yards then tread water for fifteen minutes.

Jump into a pool fully clothed. Because I've seen it done by others and in movies and it just seems like a fun thing to do.

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BUCKET LIST: kiss at the top of a ferris wheel I've only been on one wheel with my hubby before, and it was before we were married so he wouldn't kiss me at the top. We need to revisit the top of the wheel

Did this one for the first time last week. Good one.  Can I memorize the order very fast? ;)

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series - Ive been looking for one of these forever! - My Yoga Slim