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Eating Objects, multi-sensory eating experience

Eating objects is about creating an innovative interactive multi-sensory eating experience. It is certainly a design study of food, molecular gastronomy plus

Photography Dominic Davies

cinnamon vanilla icecream The Fat Duck Heston Blumenthal Big Fat Duck cookbook - food 'beyond the plate' Eating Design

Style, design.

You can do a lot of cool things with these, including making infusions in a matter of minutes.


Welcome Critical Design

A design concept by Philips Design imagines nutritional building blocks crafted into shapes by a printer. It's molecular gastronomy taken to the next level.


words of wisdom awelltraveledwoman: lostinamerica: Not much of a cat guy, but the poster is great. That’s a shame I was going to keep the poster and send you my cat for Christmas.

The reading of residual coffee grounds is believed to give an insight into the drinkers future fortune and inner thoughts or emotions. Although the rituals vary often coffee cups are turned upside down to be read and in the Middle East its believed in some regions that an impression made with the drinkers thumb will reveal their inner thoughts. Inspired by this ancient practice and the interpreted meanings of symbols we have created visualisations of these future insights and narratives.

Tasseography - Photography by Dominic Davies, Art Direction by Andrew Stellitano


Chapter VII General View on Molecular Cuisine / Gastronomy

Of all the trends popularised by the British foodie explosion of the last two decades none quite has the excitement and bafflement as molecular gastronomy.

Vaporization: Flavoring Food with Pure Aromatic Vapor Vaporization is a technique applied by several molecular gastronomy chefs to bring sensory experiences to diners and to aromatize food.

Vaporization: Flavoring Food with Pure Aromatic Vapor

Volcano Digit Vaporizer: The best Desktop vaporizer by the STORZ and BICKEL is Volcano digital vaporizer. This vaporizer is known for its quality.

Cocktail  jello shots

Edible cocktails

'Jello Shots' for adults: rosé Champagne, pear martini, tequila sunrise, gin and tonic and blueberry martini.

Kit de cozinha molecular, eu queeeeeero!

Cook your own way with the Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit - no Chemistry degree required. Take cooking to a new level with the Molecular Cuisine Starter ki

Basic Spherication | Molecular Gastronomy

Basic or Direct Spherification

Molecular gastronomy is the science of cooking but it is commonly used to describe a new style of cuisine in which chefs explore new culinary possibilities in the kitchen by embracing sensory and food science

The caviar maker provides a faster way to produce larger quantities of spherification caviar.

Caviar Maker

Making Spherification Caviar the Easy Way! Making spherification caviar is fun but it can be a draining process to make enough for a few cocktails or dishes one drop at a time. With the Caviar Maker you can now multiply the production by 96 times with no

julie rothhahn: food designs | ‘petites (re)creation de cuisine’

french designer julie rothhahn specializes in creating designs with edible ingredients. as a food designer, rothhahn imagines new snacks, meals and entire food experiences that experiment with form, colour and technique

Non, la cuisine moléculaire n’est pas morte

Non, la cuisine moléculaire n’est pas morte

Molecular gastronomy studies the physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking. It basically tries to investigate and explain the chemical reasons behind the transformation of

Molecular Gastronomy Food Creation Photo Molecular Gastronomy Food Creation Close up View.