Batman by Andy Kubert

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Awesome Batman Scratch Art

One Of The Reasons I Like Ed Sheeran

Funny pictures about Awesome Batman Scratch Art. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Batman Scratch Art. Also, Awesome Batman Scratch Art photos.

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Batman by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. It looks like a panel from "All-Star Batman and Robin" written by Frank Miller

DC Comics

Too many cool pics have piled up yet again recently so here's a "mega post" to feast your eyeballs on!

What do you see? I see Batman, Hannibal Lecter's mask & and Joker.

Who do you see? Do you see the Dark Knight? Or do you see the clown prince of crime? Epic Designs brings you this fantastic Batman & Joker Ink Blot Sick. Batman decor all day in casa de Nick.

Possible Batman Tattoo? by ~se7enUPyours on deviantART

Originally Jim Lee's Design I decided to draw a Black/Grey(wash) representation of the original in one of the Hush single issues for a possible tattoo t. Possible Batman Tattoo?

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This is my new phone lock screen - Because, well. The Dark Knight by Louly Pop'Art // Lucky Star www.

Los mejores Fan Art de DC Comics

Los mejores Fan Art de DC Comics