CW's The 100 - Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin. All the times Bellamy refers to Clarke as "Princess," which makes me so happy. It started out as a joke, but it's kind of not a joke anymore :) |The 100||CW||TV Shows||Bellarke||Clarke and Bellamy|

When Bellamy first started calling Clarke 'princess' it was very derogatory, but over time it became more of an affectionate and maybe even loving moniker.

Their relationship in a summary ; perfection

I've never shipped anything as much as Bellarke and I can see why people have other ships from The 100 though tbh everyone just seems great with everyone

" — if he only knew the things she could see." || Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin || Bellarke || The 100 || Bob Morley and Eliza Jane Taylor

" — if he only knew the things she could see." I read the book a while ago and I have to say that it's been aweful infact that the show is sooo amazing but the things between bellamy and clarke made me totaly ship .