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Probly the one thing I truly hate about Kingdom Hearts Not a big fan of getting to accessorize Aqua. Square Enix did a bang up job with FFXV but have REALLY been fucking up with KH.

Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep. Such a sad parting of ways. I swear the Kingdom Hearts franchise always knows how to pull at my heartstrings (no pun intended)

This TWEWY fanart, I cannot believe it. God, the feels. Although I did read that Joshua appears in Kingdom Hearts (which I suppose the other character is from), I& not very familiar with KH, and so I& sort of a stranger to it.

Kingdom Hearts

The Future of Kingdom Hearts - my first thought when I heard that Disney bought LucasFilms

This is the Oblivion Keyblade In Kingdom Hearts I & II. Watch a video of this keyblade [link] This commission is way better than my first oblivion &.

Lea gets his keyblade! To be honest, Lea's keyblade is probably the most amazing keyblade I've ever seen in this game! Either his or Riku's Way To The Dawn

Probably one of the biggest surprises in Dream Drop Distance