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supernatural well cas did pull him from hell and stick by them when the other angels turned their backs on humanity I think that justifys cas being sam and deans angel

Hah poor Sam:

soulmate au >> not a sabriel shipper but i do ship destiel and i LOVE this idea *-* // hello ''tis i a sabriel destiel shipper

I so need this to happen

I so need this to happen <<< I literally JUST posted a comic that was exactly like this omg

Awesome ... Credit goes to unknown author.

At first I thought this was really sweet and about a couple of normal siblings. Then I continued reading and now I'm crying.<<<<<You bitches at first I thought this was some sweet ass thing about to NORMAL siblings, but no. My own damn fandom ruined it

Destiel first kiss

Destiel first kiss. I actually like this Headcannon.

AAHHHHH DESTIEL!!!!! Too cute and sad and too many feels... And I love how the italicized words are lyrics from the song, Can't Help Falling In Love

Reading it the first time- crying in the corner Reading it backwards- grinning like a maniac and squealing like the major fangirl I am while hearing quiet chanting in the background: "DESTIEL DESTIEL DESTIEL!"<~<<TWIST AND SHOUT

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Omg yes I always say I love you to my group of friends that I consider family not I love all of you they already know Cas had to specify since the first "I love you" was aimed at one person DEAN