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Wrists I used to know a girl with a smile on her face a rose in her cheeks and a symphony in her lips. Now I know a girl with slices on her wrists snow in her cheeks and a sweet that persists


what if i'm never good enough for anyone? well im not good enough not even close

Depression, crying ...endless tears

just got finished doing this exact thing, ask me about what and i won't be able to answer truthfully, because honestly its everything, i can't narrow it down simply.


lost death Black and White life text depression sad suicidal suicide lonely anxiety broken drug self harm cutting anorexia reality bulimia unhappy scars sadness

You can all will this fight. "If you think you can your already half way there" -Unknown. Stay Strong <3

You can all will this fight. "If you think you can your already half way there" -Unknown. Stay Strong ♥ Source by

Waiting for that to happen, I hate crying

at night, i used to lay in my bed crying. now, i just lay there with a blank expression on my face. i never thought i'd get used to feeling this way but i did



Just a poem I wrote about suicide... So yea ~stay strong everyone, God lives you all, I love you all, and I promise you there are other people that love you. Don't give up. Life may not be worth it everyday, it may not be worth it anyday, but some day you will get better, things will change, and you will be stronger, you will be you because of the storms. So just hold on. I believe in you :)  <3

a poem about suicide. made me cry i think it should be used on an anti bullying poster or something

When I'm upset I shut myself down I have no motivation for anything I tell myself that nobody cares even though I know some do I think about all the negative things I could possibly think about I give myself all the pain thinking I deserve it I'm not sure why I do that but that's just how I am

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Until you heal the wounds of the past, you are going to bleed. Pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories and make peace with that.

Exactly! #positivity #quotes

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