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the feels

Letters from tributes (finnick) Spoiler if hadn't read mocking jaySo sad because Finnick dies in mocking Jay part 2

Peeta's talking about how, he feels &loves his wife Katniss. "Always"!!!

[[Dear Katniss, I can see the pain in your eyes when I can’t rember the little things, and at times even the big ones. But one thing the Capitol can never make me forget… is that I love you.Love,Peeta]]but the books waaaaaaaaa

At least buttercup isn't dead...

[[Dear Prim, You have no idea how much I miss you. I feel lonely at night without you there for me to protect. Katniss and I are getting along better, but she tried to give me a bath the other day… I.

Here's how prim would respond to this letter: wtf Katniss!!! I'm your sister and you miss jim the most?!!!

right in the gut.but Here's how prim would respond to this letter: wtf Katniss! I'm your sister and you miss him the most?


Omg soooooo sad⚫Amazing edit ⚫Credz tagged ↑ ↑ ↑ <-- I wrote a fanfic for Katniss having her first child, and I chose Willow Primrose for her name as well! I can't remember what I would've named the son though.

AWWW...a letter from Cato to katniss Sad-sweet-heartbreaking

oh my gosh.i've always rolled my eyes (mostly) with these letters and 'plot twists' but this one hit me.

Okay. Leave me to die. Just ugh. No. I can't even. No but really, everyone is hating on Gale because he killed Prim. IT WASNT HIS FAULT. It's not his fault that Snow used the Capitol children as a barrier. It's not his fault he didn't know that Prim and all the nurses would come to help the wounded Capitol children. People might say that they still don't like him because he was trying to take Katniss away from Peeta. But he didn't. So I think that's really stupid. Just my opinion.

Awww for Gale, it wasn't his fault the bomb killed Prim. He and Beetee didn't know The President was using the children as a 'barrier'.Katniss forgives you Gale trust me!

These are like the saddest things...

[[Dear Foxface, I’m sorry. Your death was my fault. My nightmares are always haunted by your innocent face when we found you. Katniss says that you chose to die this way. Instead of Cato’s sword.