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Blue wood tiger art

"Magic" By 'Hibbary on Deviantart. Hibbary is one of my favorite deviant artists. This piece is done with traditional media, which floored me because I honestly thought it was colored in Photoshop with textures.

Versteck vor den Jägern....oder so ? (cool sketches wolf)

Trying to be better about making myself submit my art LETS DO THIS LETS KILL A MAN Sketch-turned-quick-speedpaint of a werewolf OC of mine. I can never resist the opportunity to draw a snarly mouth.

Hooray for eerie imagery! The original idea came from those weirdly amazing leaf skeletons that you sometimes see. I've always loved them and even found a tutorial on how to make them. Unfortunatel...

Beira Goddess of Winter Beira, Queen of Winter, a Scottish deity. She freezes…

False Sun, Jade Mere on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/false-sun

False Sun by JadeMere lava (tiger monster beast creature animal) (click artwork for source)