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Haha yaa

When I showed my friend kpop for the first time she looked at me and shook her head like I was some crazy person and know she really likes and have I done to my friend?

the struggle XD

This is me watching Run BTS because I like watching without subtitles for some reason

Me every time

Me every time



I would throw myself down the stairs if I saw that either Xiumin, Jackson or Jin was my doctor

I aint eating apples no more if i can always see the doctors on the sides not on the middle

Oooohooooohooo I will use this I don't like thes kind of memes usually but the reactions are so funny

~ From '' Jimin & Suga & Jungkook (my lovers) [BTS] '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~

All the time like fr

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