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The Epic Structure Quest

Minecraft Cake Block "- probably the easiest, and it looks like what the cake looks like in the game!" I have no clue about this whatsoever but i play the game and it is afterall my birthday once a year. might come in handy

#Minecraft Diamond Sword #USB http://www.usbgeek.com/products/minecraft-diamond-sword-usb-flash-drive #usbflashdrive

#Minecraft Diamond Sword #USB http://www.usbgeek.com/products/minecraft-diamond-sword-usb-flash-drive #usbflashdrive

10 Well-Kept Minecraft Secrets | NerdGraph Infographics

Did you know that you can meet herobrine in your minecraft world? This is only a one of the 10 secrets that you can find in this infographic. As you probably know, minecraft is a best seller indie videogame where you can create whatever you want!

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Some of the information is not accurate (ie. crafting horse armor and some 'unknowns') but horses in MC!

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I feel bad for the ghast cuz he wants his mommy and I think the zombie is stuck and the endermen needs a diamond

Download: https://app.box.com/s/ymgx65d2g6bpgpd3wbow That's why you grow vines on you house and an entrance to your roof so there's a second entrance or at least get a back door.

That's why you grow vines on you house and an entrance to your roof so there's a second entrance, or at least get a back door. Im not a big minecraft fan but this is funny!

So, you know we’ve been Valentine-a-haulics around here lately.  Little Crafter and I are equally excited about a holiday that’s all about showing how much we love our family and friends, so we’ve turned into crafting machines making all kinds of decor and gifts.  As usual, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for more inspiration, and as ….

Fingerprint Frame

LOL! Rock candy made the lazy way, not the fancy way. (The fancy way would be the crystals-on-sticks type.)

20 Frozen Crafts and Activities

Rock Candy: 2 cups water, 1 cup white corn syrup, 3 cups sugar, tsp cream of tartar. Then I added: tsp vanilla extract, 3 drops of blue gel food coloring. Or it can also be Breaking Bad party candy