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@Monica Forghani Dionisio

Teenager Post # 19656 Anytime a guy says "that's what she said" always reply with "not to you". Gonna start doing that.

“Woah, that shoulder’s so sharp it could cut someone”

School dress code is dumb. Girls can't show their shoulders? What guy is gonna look at a girl and be like. "Dang, that's a FINE shoulder.

Teenager Posts Of The Week: The Highlight Of Your Day

Teenager Posts Of The Week: The Highlight Of Your Day

I've been packing all day long, I have to be in Syracuse by tomorrow, and I'm still not done yet. Last week, I waited until in the morning to pack for Sandusky, and I had to pick my friend up at XD Procrastination at its finest.

Get in the basket!

I have wondered the same thing! I think when David was on a bike, he just would just call another police officer in a car to get them.

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Seriously though, sometimes I wonder if my parents have installed hidden cameras just to spy on me.


That's not just a teenage thought. That's true sarcasm and I have actually thought this before!

Dump A Day funny cookies - Dump A Day

Teenager Post I didn't want my family to judge me so I walked past them with 2 cookies on my plate and 4 in my pockets.

Teenager post

Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - p-interest.in/ Teenager Post # 5039

im not a teenager but this is sooooo me!!!!!

Teenager Post It may look like I'm having really deep thoughts but of the time I'm just thinking about what food I'm going to eat later.

Totally true

Funny thing, I stole the Oreo box from the kitchen and hid it in my room. Guess why we're not allowed to but Oreos any more.

The little voice is smart...

Why does it have to be a teenager quote. We all have that little voice. Oh dear gawd please tell me I'm not the only one. that's so annoying I can hear the voice while I am typing this


Commercial Lady: "I've fallen and I can't get up!" Commercial dude: Have you fallen and you can't get up?