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Illustrations featured in this nice book about infographics, released by Gestalten (GER).

2010, source material from the Takuma Nakahira's collection of For a Language to Come, Osiris Co., 2010, designed by Kazunari Hattori  original size (851x1200)  source image (851x1200)

"Untitled", source material from the Takuma Nakahira's collection of: 'For a Language to Come', Osiris Co., - Graphic Design by Kazunari Hattori () original Size: 851 x 1200 cm.

I love this.  I honestly don't think I'd change anything. I might make the words down at the bottom easier to read. But other than that, I love the idea of how the words fade out. As if it were the persons memory

Best Graphic Design of 2015

Not totally sure why Alzheimers requires a poster (and it wouldn't be great as an educational tool) - BUT, I think the design is very powerful. The darkness and the way the word trails off into nothin (Beauty Design Poster)