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Dragon! I would be a Dragon! I,m a Strong,Brave, but protective person. You want everyone safe, but don't want them to mess with you. You help out a lot, but can get in a little trouble sometimes! But anyways, everyone considers you Loyal, and a good Friend. Nail It!...

Are You A Fairy, Angel Or Dragon?

Why hello there, Lagiacrus.

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Ryujin- Japanese myth: a dragon and deity of the sea. He symbolized the power of the ocean. He had a large mouth and could turn into a man. He had a palace under the sea built out of coral where he could control the tides.


Brosno Dragon- Russian legend: a huge aquatic sea dragon that supposedly lives in lake, much like England's very own Loch-Ness Monster

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Instead of giving you the classic elements, this quiz is about which historical dragon you would be.

Solas & Lavellan

The BioWare Forum is the home for discussion of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises as well as some of BioWares older games like Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, Baldur’s Gate, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Demon species - Dragon by Demireius on DeviantArt

Demon species - Dragon by Demireius on DeviantArt <<< I like the silver and storm dragons the best cause they look like a cross between a bat and a dragon.