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It's a good thing Zack did skateboard, Rian wore a Face to Face t-shirt, and Alex stayed at Jack's house because Jack's mom made pizza bagels

So basically the reason we have ATL was because Zack could saketboard, Rian was wearing a face to face shirt, and because Jack's mum made pizza bagles.

Vic Fuentes you cheeky prick waken up a baby>>> OMG XDDD Best thing I ever did see

Vic Fuentes you cheeky prick waken up a baby>>> OMG XDDD Best thing I ever did see>>>>>he probably just in Germany with Jeremy and forgot ta time. No biggie xD

Oh I'm working on it, believe me.

My friends are always asking me stuff about them trying to stump me but asking me stuff like their middle names and birthdays and when I answer they're like "oh my God you're a stalker!" And I'm like THOSE ARE THE EASIEST QUESTIONS IN THE WORLD!

Unhealthy obsession with bands..

I died when I saw Pierce the Veil! xD we don't need school! <<< I would have either said Peirce the veil or fall out boy for Spanish XD still funny

AAAAHHHH=oh my gosh you're so awesome and cute and talented and I love you and I can't stand it oh my gosh...

I've only ever been to a One Direction concert and a The 1975 concert, but still SO ACCURATE

ahh alan <3

ahh alan <3

There is too much perfect to be measured. He clearly saw the chance and he took it.

Alex Gaskarth is a wonderful man

All Time Low tweets

"So I don't have to look at your dumb dumb face" oh mY GOD ALEX 😂😂😂



And all these bands are amazing and they have always been there for me, unlike some people....

All bands stand for something. (Huge atl fan) But that last one though.