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Girl Riots — “Our culture is fearful of aging,” said (Caryn)...

“Our culture is fearful of aging,” said (Caryn) Franklin, “and especially aging women. I say, ‘Stop apologising for getting older. Embrace it.’ I want young women to see that beauty ages beautifully and there is no need to feel that getting older is.

It’s Not About The Lines On The Face

It's Not About The Lines On The Face

It’s Not About The Lines On The Face

today I practice listening to my elders' stories. what is your practice for today? please join our Circle of Practice. My grandfather's family and his siblings' families shared one house they rented in the Bronx to get through the depression together. I have that sense of family built into me in a way it wouldn't be if I hadn't listened and learned from this important story given to me by my elder. Our elders are the wisdom keepers. Listen to their stories and learn.

In traditional cultures, the elders are revered for their wisdom. The younger people consider it an honor to care for them, to have the opportunity to learn from them. What greater wisdom is there than that which comes from living life?

Babushka Zagorsk Russia Photograph  - Babushka Zagorsk Russia Fine Art Print

Babushka Zagorsk Russia Photograph by Richard Singleton Russia Fine Art Print

already old Leonrdo shot in b&w.  add to port for other like this also.  Like color grading

This week at fotoclasses we are celebrating women > what they stand for, what they have achieved, and what they deserve. We believe that photography helps tell this story and raises awareness of issues that are otherwise glossed over.

Babushka is NOT impressed!

Babushka is NOT impressed!

Big Noses


I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping rope // Black and White Photo


'We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.