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I miss my husband. Hahaha! So true!

How most people use their queen size bed. How I use my queen size bed.

Funny pictures about Almost falling from a chair. Oh, and cool pics about Almost falling from a chair. Also, Almost falling from a chair.

I actually do this on road trips XD "Don't change lanes! Wait, where are you going, friend?

;) just that this says the "Bogey Man" makes this COOL everyone knows he comes from the closest!

The Boogeyman.

extreme risk of bogey man attack.what is sad is that this is so me

It is a Legitimate Fear of Mine.

How I feel everytime I face the wall next to my bed. I thought I was alone feeling like this. Not funny but I feel like laughing at this.

Ha ha ha ha

How it feels when my foot is asleep! I never thought a picture could accurately describe the feeling, but now after seeing this I believe a certain sound could also describe it as well!

Haha! My poor boss gets this from me every month. Poor guy...

I can't stop laughing! This is very accurate. At least for me. Like on point accurate Hahahahaha!

Stalking is all fun and games. Until you accidently press the Like-button.

Every, Time. EVERY TIME.-- Stalking is all fun and games until you accidentally press the 'like' button.

(3) Tumblr on imgfave

No it should say "How my mom wraps present. How my dad wraps presents.

It's true

This is why we write them. :) Mail then and now. So funny! Getting letters and cards through snail mail when he is on deployment is so much better than e-mails. Although I still need his e-mail every day.

this is you at thanksgiving!!!! hahahaha

Every f**king time

Reread this but say "three hours later" in that voice from spongebob's tv show hahahaha this is me everyday at work


Funny pictures about First world problems. Oh, and cool pics about First world problems. Also, First world problems photos.

Like it's my job

I look just like this when I'm trying to take a picture without someone noticing. Except when I leave the flash on lol!

Huh, me

Funny pictures about It's finals week. Oh, and cool pics about It's finals week. Also, It's finals week.