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The eye of albino model Nastya Zhidkova Photo credit: Nastya Zhidkova

Ivan & Sister

malformalady: The albino eyes of Amal Sofi and Nastya Kumarova

قولي أحبك

قولي أحبك

Talia has black eyelashes, but this is otherwise a spot-on representating of her pink eyes that are usually hidden behind sunglasses. Talia from The Supernatural London Underground urban fantasy series. http://amzn.to/1X4rXpj

Fascinating Facts About Rare Eye Colors

As usual Abraham eyes frightened me. It's the second time I'd ever seen his eyes in the sunlight and they were more vibrant than ever.

Albino eyes will appear very red when a light is shown into them.

character; prussia

character; prussia

•✧ want to see more pins like this? then follow pinterest: @morgangretaaa ✧•

•✧ want to see more pins like this? then follow pinterest: @morgangretaaa ✧•

Imagen de rainbow, tumblr, and eyes

It's love that's make me this way wait no it's acid - aesthetic -

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"They say we should be ourself and they then judge us" no, be yourself and judge them for judging who u are.

we're disposable teens

🍒we're disposable teens🍒

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Aussie Eye Defects on We Heart It

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When the fang sticks down in Makes your eyes white and roll right into him



mari.monroe used the Third Edition - 120 Color Eyeshadow palette for this awesome rainbow-inspired eye look!

monroe rainbow-inspired eye look

Writing inspiration

Eye colour - What is yours?

I have Emerald eyes that are sometimes olive green and sometimes green blue----> eye color chart