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What am I supposed to post this to?!!?!? << At least i only have two to choose between <<< I'm disappointed I didn't get to repost this sooner

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When you're adopted by a family and each of them bring you to school a different way. Sans, papyrus, undyne, mettaton, flowey

Freshly baked meme for you

Undyne, Sans, Papyrus, Mettaton and Flowey dropping Frisk off at school. I'm not sure whether Undyne making car noises or the children's reaction to Mettaton is more entertaining.

What if Mettaton showed up with his camera crew just like OHH YES WHAT HAVE WE HERE SOME MISTLEOE MISCHEIF OHOHOH

I kinda ship Frisk and Pap, but then again my headcanon that Frisk is incapable of showing any emotion whatsoever kinda ruins that.

"hey frisk did you get their numbers" "Yep" "let's prank call 'em"

This is how all of Frisk's fights go

This is how I Pacify you gentlemen. Through the power of my flirtation.

¡Pelea conmigo!~~~~~~~~~~~~~¡PELEA CONMIGO!~~~~~~~~~~~~~¡¡PELEA CONMIGO!!

Traducción De Cómics De Undertale - FIGHT ME!

undertale, undyne ---- more evidence that I am the human version of Undyne---More evidence that Papyrus IS Undyne.

[UnderTale] Best Friend Coming Into Your Life by bente36 on DeviantArt

[UnderTale] Best Friend Coming Into Your Life by on DeviantArt asriel,chara,asgore,toriel

Sans isn't here now.

awww sans looks like a lazy cinnamon roll but can actually kill you

undertale, sans, frisk, papyrus, fusion

Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak skeletons stronger