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A Recovery Guide for the Overexerted

A Recovery Guide for the Overexerted

How to get back to a healthy head space when you're running on empty: A Recovery Guide for Overexerted Highly Sensitive People

my childhood. i miss it. all those adventures my incredible parents took us on...i was too naive to know they would at some point come to an end. but they are indeed, great memories.

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.,living for the moment so this won't be true

Beauty goes so much deeper than the skin.

Be mentally attractive. its a requirement.

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☆ don't compete where you don't compare! proof the HOE-rific office Slut is just pathetic competing alone & ends up a loseR.

don't just try not to be eye candy- strive to feed souls

The only person I can change is myself. Things often get harder before they get easier but practice makes permanent.

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They tell us life only gets worse from here, prove them wrong babe.

Want happier, calmer kids? Simplify their world.

As you decrease the quantity of your child’s toys and clutter, you increase their attention and their capacity for deep play. When we simplify, we gain physical and mental space.

You are my sunshine ✺

Keep the childish spirit inside you alive ✨

10 Soothing Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms

10 Soothing Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms

10 Soothing Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms - Abundant Mama . Will apply everything single suggestion.

Destiny Quote

I come from a long line of truth seekers, lovers, and warriors.

DIY - Have Your Own Vision Board Workshop list

How to Use a Vision Board to Get Your Dream Job

DIY - Have Your Own Vision Board Workshop love-happiness-positivity-mindfulness-mindful living-spirituality-law of attraction-the secret-manifesting-visualizing-meditation-gratitude-zen-peace-

A busy mind can be painful, and cause anxiety. Learn how to calm your mind, clear your thoughts, and feel your emotions, through mindfulness mediation. This guide will teach you how to meditate and offer solutions for guided meditations, minfulness activi

How to Start Mindfulness and Stop Your Mind's Tailspin

Meditation Program - Meditate Deeper than a Zen Monk!


God's timing is everything

My therapist told me one day to just say no, and the next day, I would be free from the worry. Took me longer than I should have, but no is my forever answer.

from salt. by nayyirah waheed

Happy #ThankfulThursday! Here's to livin', lovin' and leavin' a legacy. What will yours be? ❤ #Free2Luv


Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy ~Stephen Covey

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