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11 cosas que hacen los humanos y que los perros odian

11 cosas que hacen los humanos y que los perros odian

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He's bad...

Selfies are taking social media by storm. Which celebrity or friend of yours hasn't posted a selfie? Well, pets are our best buds, and they want in on the sensation too! Take a look at these 12 animal that are better than yours:


too cute: 'dogocle' a monocle for dogs by 'warby barker', a fun spin off of warby parker but for dogs

Poodle Pink Martini Bowtie Collar

Dog Collar - Black and White Oreeo Martini Bowtie Collar

Pug o carlino

Pug o carlino

Welcome the pug! Learn now everything you need for your favorite pug puppies. Come on in and find now more pug puppies for sale.

Pug In Black And White wallpaper

Animals dogs pugs monochrome - Art Print On Canvas Rolled Wall Poster Print - - Unframed

LOL I need a pug just to buy him hats like this!

Carmen Miranda Pug - Cuz sometimes, you just have to succumb to the urge to put a fruit bowl on your dog’s head. This is hilariously adorable!