Somebody's Heartbreak lyrics

Somebody's Heartbreak- Hunter Hayes - this entire CD is amazing - not a bad song on it!

Hunter Hayes makes me want to fall in Love ~_~

"All I ever wanted! And I just wanna wrap you up! Wanna kiss your lips! I, wanna make you feel wanted! And I want to call you mine! Want to hold you hand forever, and never let you forget! Yeah I, I wanna make you feel wanted! "Wanted"- Hunter Hayes

This is the best song I've ever heard. This song reminds me of someone very special to my heart. <3 I Love Him so much.

Hunter Hayes - Cry With You. This is, without a doubt, among my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Everything about it is just flawless.


One Direction lyrics, You don't know you're beautiful. Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.