Mesa para picnic en casa

Dining room table with green grass growing on the top is a bright eco friendly interior decorating idea that allow to enjoy the natural beauty, add a splash of fresh green color to dining room decor and have a summer picnic at home any time of the year

FARM-TO-TABLE: What? Seriously this is a thing? (No idea where to put this)

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Great for around the patio or walkway - esp. if solar!

Not necessarily made out of metal, but I want to make a pathway with twisted, wonky, fantasy-type lamp posts.

Amazing green walls

Founded in 2006 Scandia Moss has continuously strived to innovate new creative ways to bring nature closer to our customers by utilizing moss decor, wall decor our green wall designs.

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Add Interest with Plant Stands at different levels. Fun plant stands are an easy way to add an extra dash of style to your plant collection!

steel + wood // Scout Regalia (over 210 colors available!)

Modern Minimalist Patio Furniture Design, SR White Oak Table Set by Scout Regalia White Oak Patio Furniture Set – Architecture Home Design

garden sculpture, art for outside, school sculpture

"Three Rectangles" Garden Sculpture by Paul Margetts. garden sculpture, art for outside, school sculpture