drawn thread hem

How-to: Drawn-thread hem on linen by Carolyn of Caro-Rose-Creations

Drawn Thread Hem

Very well explained in pictures how to make hems using withdrawn thread technique.

Embroidered white work drawn thread work detail

Whitework linen towel with drawn threadwork accented with embroidery in stem and satin stitch. Whitework embroidery refers to any embroidery technique in which the stitching is the same color as the foundation fabric (traditionally white linen).

Drawn-Thread Hand Towels - Exquisite - by Italian Needlework

One of the biggest differences between Italian needlework and that which we do at least here in North America is that lots of Italians still.

Drawn Thread Sampler by Linda Driskell, pattern on Etsy

Rare Linda Driskell Drawn Thread MINIATURE SAMPLER - Hardanger Embroidery Pattern Booklet-I have this about half done, looking forward to finishing

Joanna Li - Embroidery is sewing on the fabric embroidered variety of decorative patterns in general. It is a man with a needle and thread design and production to add any kind of art on the fabric of existence. Embroidery is one of Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts, in China there are at least two to three thousand years of history. This figure is about how a leaf embroidery tutorial, each step clearly tells us how to do it.

Wonderful embroidered leaf tutorial Embroidering Leaves Originally pinned by Manka Minta onto Embroidery (free patterns & ideas).

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Repeating Dove's Eyes with sides pulled in slightly gives a look similar to a Double Wedding Ring Quilt / the illusion of circles. from: Silvana - il piacere del ricamo


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