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19 Unexpected Faces In Inanimate Objects (PHOTOS)

17 Unexpected Faces In Inanimate Objects (PHOTOS)

Objects With Faces - Zipper Monster Will Nom Your Fingers

Pareidolia (faces at different locations)

La pareidolia viendo rostros hasta en el agua (recomendado)

The 50 funniest faces in everyday objects- Good for introducing narrative stories (how we can write ordinary things in extraordinary ways)

Inanimate Objects with Faces.

It’s amazing how we have the ability to see faces in all sorts of objects. Here’s 10 interesting unexpected faces on inanimate objects.

I've been work'n out.

This little guy from "Inanimate Objects With Faces" has a very long neck and very square head!


50 funny (and stunning) photos of faces found in everyday places

Looks like a bird’s face.

It's one of those weird bird things that the French use to shut windows with