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a traditional food for O-Hanami (cherry blossom viewing parties.) The white ones are plain, and the green ones are colored with a herb named mugwort in English.

Day 7: Hiroshima's famous dish is okonomiyaki, a pancake-like concoction typically made at the table, which goes perfectly with beer and shochu www.boutiquejapan.com

Okonomiyaki (Osaka), aunque nuestros favoritos son los de Hiroshima :P

Cinnamon madeleines with spiced caramel sauce

Cinnamon madeleines with spiced caramel sauce

James Martin's classic French madeleine recipe is light-as-a-feather. Served with the spiced caramel sauce, they work wonderfully as a dinner party dessert.

Pokemon Cupcakes

Pokemon cupcakes Christine Christine Elliott looks like i found our hubbys next birthday cake lol



Usuyaki & Kinshi Tamago

Kinshi Tamago (Shredded Egg Crepe Garnish) & Usuyaki Tamago (Egg Crepe)

Detailed tutorial for Usuyaki Tamago (thin egg crepe) & Kinshi Tamago (thinly sliced egg crepe). You can use them for Temari Sushi and Chirashi Sushi.