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Toothless and Hiccup with glasses.

LOL! Poor Toothless...

Hiccup would turn to Gobber for tips on serenading Astrid. Hiccup is not a really good singer, but Astrid finds it sweet and endearing anyway. Toothless, on the other hand, thinks differently…. <<< THIS IS SO SWEET!

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Official sizes.

Official sizes.

HTTYD doodles by Lintufriikki

i wanted to draw some HTTYD stuff but this is all i managed to do. :C How to train your dragon (C) Dr.

This is how I would be when I meet Kit Harington for the first time

How to Train Your Dragon 2 was a cinematic masterpiece. Tuffnuts face in the last frame.

How to Train Your Dragon - Character Design

Animation Fangirl overload - HTTYD

DRAGONS!! by Merpix the Fox #HTTYD #fanart

Hiccup with Stormfly, Meatlug, Hookfang, Barf & Belch and Sharpshot ^_^ ^.