Kaper Design; Restaurant & Hospitality Design Inspiration: Chez Dré

could use hetre wood for the boxes and dill with pink cupcake and,wite cheesecake & carrot,cake packaging.

Palmer & Co by Kaper design - Sydney

Imagine this is your local butcher store? Sometimes simple finishes can be so beautiful. Keep an eye out for Round Peg's new specialty butcher fit-out by Kaper Design; Palmer & Co

Kaper Design; Restaurant & Hospitality Design: Local Favorite; Caffe Streets

Name: Caffe Streets Location: Chicago Architect: Norsman Architects Located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago;

Visgraat is een van de vele patronen waar houten vloerdelen in gelegd kunnen worden. Een patroonvloer is een kenmerk van vakmanschap en natuurlijk ontzettend mooi om op te wonen! Verhaag Parket uit Sevenum is al ruim 100 jaar ervaren in het leggen van patroonvloeren.

Image 7 of 23 from gallery of BINARIO 11 / Andrea Langhi Design. Photograph by Daniele Domenicali

white subway tile bar - Google Search

Name: Big Shoulders Coffee Location: Chicago, IL Big Shoulders takes cues from it& Chicago location with both the name, and interio.

Bar functionality at Sightglass Coffee in SF, CA

Restaurant & Hospitality Design: Sight Glass Maybe we look at making our service area a loop using the existing space instead of moving it?

Craftsman and Wolves,  in the Mission, SF:  signature 'Rebel Within' - a cheese- and sausage-studded muffin with a poached egg hidden inside

What's New: Craftsman & Wolves in S.F.

Craftsman and Wolves, William Werner's pastry shop in the Mission, opened in June Photo: Aubrie Pick / SF