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Clarín HD - Nacen pandas gemelos en Macao. El panda gigante Xinxin y sus primer cachorros recién nacidos permanecen en Macao, en el sur de China. Las autoridades de asuntos civiles de la Región Administrativa Especial de Macao de China anunciaron esta noche que por la tarde su panda “Xinxin” dio a luz a gemelos, la primera vez que nacen pandas en la región. “Xinxin” dio a luz al primer osezno a las 15:45 hora local, y al segundo a las 16:27 horas. Tuvieron un peso, respectivamente, de apenas…

Twins That'll be pandamonium! China celebrates new-born cubs after Xinxin gives birth - Daily Mail

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SIMSON Brand History Because of the fact that they were a Jewish family,the Simson brothers have to run away of the country during the Adolf Hitler dictatorship.



As Smithsonian National Zoo puts it, "A sloth bear uses its lips like a vacuum, making rapid, loud 'kerfump' noises as it sucks insects from their nests." The sucking sound they make when working away at a termite mound can be heard over 100 meters away. They can also close their nostrils so that bugs don't get up their nose while they're eating.

10 things you probably don't know about bears

Finally, Freedom for India’s Dancing Bears. 40 years after India banned dancing bears, the is being enforced to prevent further atrocious cruelty

Baby panda with his mum.

Say hello to the world! Lily the baby red panda ventures out for the first time

"Lily the baby red panda ventures out for the first time as mother Lushui keeps a watchful eye. The cute cub, which closely resembles a teddy bear, stayed close to its mother as it popped its head meekly out of the den." Oh, red pandas.

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Los panda son ositos que brindan paz al Planeta Tierra

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