Biomechanical Leg -…

Intricate biomechanical leg, going from guys thigh onto his foot, with many cogs and a crazy three-dimensional effect.

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Biomech by Roman Abrego

Here’s another coold mechanical gear design. These kinds of tattoos doesn’t usually have any meaning but getting it for the sake of it looking cool isn’t really a bad idea. In fact, it’s a great design if you just want to get a tattoo.

Leg internal tattoo This is one cool looking biomechanical full leg tattoo.

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Mechanical Forearm With Cogs | Best tattoo ideas & designs

Realistic mechanical arm tattoo with cogs, done on guy's forearm by Vid Blanco, a tattooer based in Southampton, England.

Biomechanical Forearm Tattoo

Mens biomechanical forearm piece by Roman Abrego, an artist based in Yucaipa, California.

Lower Leg Sleeve Tattoo | Jon von Glahn - bio organic mechanical color leg tattoo

bio organic mechanical color leg tattoo by Jon von Glahn - A section of a full bio - organic leg sleeve.