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Cuando le pides un deseo a una estrella (de Pinocho)

24 tatuajes sensacionalmente ingeniosos de Disney

10 Adorable Disney Tattoos. The clouds around simba are the clouds I want for my princess tattoo

The Simba tattoo with the clouds is the one that caught my attention the most

Tattoos minimalistas para sua inspiração

24 Stunningly Subtle Disney Tattoos I won't get a tattoo, but I thought these were cool. This but with the hogwarts castle.

Alex Varnadore? Haha this looks like something you might do :)

Since I'm doing the DCP and would be owned by disney for 5 months, I feel like this is the most perfect tattoo in the entire world. I'm a disney slave and I wouldn't have it any other way

Dream Disney hip tattoo

There's no shortage of classic Disney tattoos, but Mickey Mouse is a classic and cute tattoo, especially with Minnie Mouse.

Draw, Tatoo, Tattoo, To Draw, Sketch, Tekenen

i won't get a tattoo myself, but i really like some of them :)

Pinner said "If I got a tattoo I think I'd like a dandelion puff blowing onto a music staff, with the music being a line from a favorite song". I like her idea and the pic shown