‘Anna Fendi ‘ | Hybrid Tea rose. Vittorio Barni Italy 2004

‘Anna Fendi ‘ | Hybrid Tea rose. Vittorio Barni Italy 2004

JP: Royal Amethyst (Blue Moon) - Blended Lavender Hybrid Tea Roses

Highly fragrant & velvety plum-purple bloom crowns this lovely Royal Amethyst Hybrid Tea Rose!

~Strike it Rich Hybrid Tea Rose - Strike it Rich is a vigrouse and disease resistant rose with a rich garden color that made it a 2007 AARS winner.

Flowers of 'Strike It Rich' grandiflora rose, released in are a golden blend. Roses are lovely, no doubt about it. I personally like those that don't require a lot of work and those that still have a good fragrance.

'Double Delight ' Rose Photo

'Double Delight ' white rose tinged with red with a golden glow!


SUNSTRUCK Heirloom Roses Hybrid Tea Rose - Enormous round petals of apricot gold with a patterned yellow reverse. Blooms are 5 with 30 petals; zones height x width 4 double, repeat blooms; full sun- is not shade tolerant.

'Billy Graham' | Hybrid Tea rose

Photo of Rose (Rosa 'Billy Graham'). Photo Location: In My Garden.pleasant Grove, Utah on