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Maneki Neko by *pronouncedyou on deviantART

from wikipedia: "The Maneki Neko (招き猫, literally "Beckoning Cat"; also known as Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat, Money cat or Fortune Cat).

Cats on cars

Purple Split VW Bus Original Cat Folk Art Painting by Ryan Conners

The Creative Cat - Daily Sketch Reprises: Lucy’s Love of Yarn

Above, the very same yarn bag you saw Cookie tucked into in today’s Daily Photo, and even some of the

Crochet humor

) Introducing “Out of the Loop” — a new Lion Brand Yarn comic created by Todd Clark funny for all knitting and wool obsessed


40 Stunning Illustrations from Dribbble

In this post we have collected the awesome illustrations from the dribbble, these dribbble shots contain some of the amazing and creative illustrations designed by some awesome designers.