Joan Jett... I kinda really want her hair...

♣♥Joan Jett♥♣ (Joan Marie Larkin, born on September years) ¡sex kisses beers beat rock and roll!

Lita Ford~ God I love her. I'd name my Daughter "Lita Roxette" if I could ha...

Toss up between "Oh My" and my Guitar Post, spent some time with her at Namm in the early short period of time but it was kinda Hot.

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joey ramone -  I gave him my sweater in the 90's. RIP <3

Joey Ramone - undisputed pioneer of the Punk movement and the style of Punk bands all emulated. damn I miss the Ramones and their music

Rock of Ages Hairstyle Julianne Hough for 80s theme <3

Rock of Ages Hairstyle Julianne Hough. I am brave enough to do this ;