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Sketchbook work for FSH2105 AS2 - ORIGINAL WORK BY HARRIET KING

I choose this image as the use of layering pen in thick blocks and lines over the paper clippings creates a 3 dimensional effect.


On relativity: I'm always looking for sounds that are pleasing at the time. The sound of a helicopter is really annoying until you're drowning, and it's there to rescue you. Then it sounds like music.

Will Connell     dav.

Electrical Transmission Towers by Will Connell, circa Gelatin silver print. Stephen White, Collection II, © Will Connell.

Inspiration for grill mesh design

No info on this, but just another great starting point for pattern - the found object. Everyone's done a version of the chain link fence, but that shadow is brilliant, erratic, dynamic. So easily convertible into a successful surface design.


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photoshamanism:  Dazed and Confused today … at 7:00am …I saw….a vision of my mind …still longing for more coffee… by Katharina Rhein

photoshamanism: Dazed and Confused today … at …I saw….a vision of my mind …still longing for more coffee… by Katharina Rhein

circuit art mandalas 2

Technological Mandala No. 2 is the latest work made from soldered computer and radio components, by iItalian-born, London-based artist Leonardo Ulian.

Mind Pattern, photography by Florian Schmidt  Love beautiful photos - would love to have more of those on www.freestock.at

Mind Pattern, photography, digital by Florian Schmidt

limited edition prints from Print Club Boston, an initiative by artist Elizabeth Corkery

Each series will be designed around a central theme, the first being The Trellis, which includes prints inspired by the structure of garden trellis. Each piece is carefully screen printed by hand.