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greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home : mellow yellow. Love this textile as art, color, and headboard-substitute.

Basket bed is sweet. The textured white wall is an idea... though in our habitat it would collect fine, sticky dust and require frequent, careful vacuuming.

color / white walls / color Versions of Bohemian Style have been with us since the late century. The gypsy culture and the Bloomsbury group active in the early century have been influences on this style sometimes referred to as Boho Chic.

Bedroom - Color Palette - Texture - bedding

vintage rustic door as a headboard. i love the colors on the bed and the wallpaper too! Love everything about this room

color on white clean bohemian pixelated throw blanket late 70's multi colored sheets flea market artwork

Powerful Patterns for Bold Bedrooms

The patterns and textures in this room are very catchy for the eye. I love the oversized art above the bed. There's faints hints of clutter than only comes from a well-lived in room. I love spaces like this, just a bit kitschy.

Perfect canopy and expansive mattress...

I love the dream catcher as a part of this canopy bed. this is super romantic. I love the whole style of it. this can be the bedroom inside my house on top of my outdoor bed in previous pin :)