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Damian Wayne

Owner of pet: sorry it had to end this way it coulda been different but it's too late. Any last words Person who got too close to pet: ummm wtf?


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Poodles and Mullets

by Meg Pokrass Glory be! For Valentine's Day, this fella who is very attached to his dog, in more ways than one, has offered to let me share in the special closeness. Tomorrow he is planning to tape my chin to any small animal of my choosing.



This messed me up<<i still see it as a fat cat and skinny arms can you help me

Teaching your daughter a lesson, you go mom!

Teaching your daughter a lesson

Mom makes her daughter wear thrift store clothes after bullying others about their clothes.

I Am In Tokyo, And Found This In A Shopping Mall

I Am In Tokyo, And Found This In A Shopping Mall

Submission to 'Funny English Translations T-shirt Fail Asia Broken Engrish'