LISSY ELLE’S PHOTOGRAPHY  he works mostly with self portraiture, she’s not older as a teenager and seem to have an immense imagination to compose little stories in every picture.

Lissy Elle’s Photography

wetheurban: “ THE FANTASTICAL WORLD OF LISSY ELLE Lissy Laricchia, aka Lissy Elle, is a young photographer from Canada. She lives between a cornfield and a tall forest, and frequently plays pretend in.

Så huvudlöst??

Mirrors are a common trope in photography, but no less fun or exciting even though they are used a lot. Today I put together some of my favorite mirror play.

I love this picture, it pretty much sums up my live, hell yeah ;0)

Paul Almasy I love this bridge! The first time I was in Paris, I took a picture of it since my maiden name starts with "N." Love the picture! Rock’n’Roll sur les Quais de Paris, 1955

8-8-2015 I am in Castelluccio and I miss you more than ever.

몸치장군 on

Image by an Iraqi artist taken in an orphanage. This little girl has never seen her mother, so she drew a mom on the ground and fell asleep with her. Such a sad picture. I can only imagine the heartbreak children like this feel.

Olivia Bee - street ballet - ballerina -- More and more stories are coming out about women having health complications from modeling in extreme environments. Women posing in the snow can experience hypothermia and related issues. These women are applauded for their dedication to their work, but no comment is made about our society's passive approval of the sexualization and objectification of women coming before the models' physical fortitude.

Olivia Bee - street ballet - ballerina Lovely, Simple, love her work, she's talented!

Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszvald #photography

Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszval A very cool effect adding the transparent veil to the woman like a confining layer of some intangible nature.

nos gustan más las manos q la sombre

a bird. He looked from the shadow to her hands, but they were empty. The bird was only a shadow, and Ian was going insane.

"To be different", by Phillip Schumacher

"So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quite wonderfully, if only you were interested in them." (Sylvia Plath) (Image: Photo by Phillip Schumacher)